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PLASPER® WR Desiccant for the production of corrugated pipes

Moisture Absorbent Masterbatch

High-performance Masterbatch designed for fully eliminating moisture and maximising quality in plastic extrusion and injection processes.

The range of PLASPER® WR Desiccant Masterbatches is presented in the form of granules. They have a high content of active material and an excellent dispersion in the final product.


  • Solves technical surface problems relating to moisture
  • Improves mechanical properties and the surface finish of the final product
  • Eliminates moisture problems due to the use of additives/pigments
  • Reduces metal corrosion problems in the extruder
  • Eliminates the drying process for hygroscopic polymers:
    • Energy consumption = 0
    • No investment in drying machinery
    • No plant space taken up
  • High absorbent power
  • Immediately solves a moisture problem without having to stop production
  • Eliminates the need to dry the waste for reuse

We recommend the use of Plasper desiccant Masterbatches for the transformation of recycled polymers (especially post-consumption materials), but also for virgin polymers (storage problems, or hygroscopic polymers) that require a prior slow/costly drying process.


  • Dosing: between 0.5% and 2%


  • 25 kg Sacks

The Plasper moisture absorbent Masterbatches are compatible with the majority of polymers.

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