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Research, development and production

More than 35 years of experience in the plastics industry


Innovating since 1983

  • 1983 Start of operations by commercializing recycled plastics
  • 1988 Expansion to the international market
  • 1989 Join Member of Spanish Plastics Association (CEP)
  • 1992 Installation of the first extrusion line for manufacturing recycled PVC compounds
  • 1998 Beginning of PVC recycling services
  • 2000 Adquisition of the first European Microcompound production line
  • 2001 TPU recycling
  • 2002 Move to the new factory of 140,000 sq feet in La Roca del Vallès
  • 2003 Beginning of recompounding services (TPO, TPE, PP, PE, fireproof)
  • 2006 HFFR recycling services
  • 2007 Start of production of the Calcium Carbonate Masterbatch
  • 2011 Introduction of the Moisture Absorber Masterbatch
  • 2012 Facility enlargement up to 248.000sq feet
  • 2013 Production capacity achieved over 40.000 Tns
  • 2014 Setting of the new extrusion production line allowing up to 70.000 Tns
  • 2016 White Masterbatch (TiO2) production launch
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