Note legali

Note legali


1.- Ownership and Agreement to Terms and Conditions

The following legal notice regulates the usage of the website (hereinafter referred to as THIS WEBSITE), created by TECNI-PLASPER LTD. (hereinafter referred to as THE OWNER OF THE WEBSITE)

By using THIS WEBSITE provided by THE OWNER OF THE WEBSITE, you agree to abide by the following terms and conditions outlined in this document. THE OWNER OF THE WEBSITE reserves the right to make changes at any time.

The use of THIS WEBSITE is entirely at your own risk. Those who choose to use THIS WEBSITE do so on their own initiative and are responsible for compliance with current legislation, law enforcement and the terms and conditions outlined in this legal document. Failing to do so, the user will be held responsible for any damages or misuse.

2.- Identification and Communication

In compliance with law 34/2002 dated 11th June, regarding Information Society Services and E Commerce, THE OWNER OF THE WEBSITE provides the following information


ID number: B-58513037


For communication purposes, use the following means of contact as detailed below.


Any contact or communication made between the users and THE OWNER OF THE WEBSITE will be considered viable if and when it is done through mail or any of the previously mentioned means.

3.- Website Usage and Access

There is free access to the website and services, however some services are subject to the conditions put in place by THE OWNER OF THE WEBSITE. One such condition is the completion of the corresponding form. The user declares that all information provided to THE OWNER OF THE WEBISTE is correct to the best of their knowledge and will be held personally responsible if found to be incorrect.

The user agrees to the correct use of all content and services provided by THE OWNER OF THE WEBSITE and not to:

a) Extend the use for criminal, violent, pornographic, racist, xenophobic, offensive, terrorist or any general misuse contrary to law enforcement and current legislation

b) Introduce viruses to the network or modifications that could lead to alterations, errors or damages to electronic documents, data, computer or logistic systems of THE OWNER OF THE WEBSITE or to any third parties. This includes obstructing the access of other users to THIS WEBSITE and its services through over usage of the computer resources provided by THE OWNER OF THE WEBSITE.

c) Attempt to access or extract information from email accounts or restricted computer systems of other users of THE OWNER OF THE WEBSITE or third parties.

d) Infringe upon the rights of intellectual or industrial property or violate confidentiality of the information of THE OWNER OF THE WEBSITE or third parties.

e) Impersonate another user, the public administration or of a third party.

f) Reproduce, copy, republish, alter or modify content or post in any form or by any other public means without prior permission from the corresponding authority or unless it is legally permitted.

g) Compile data for advertising purposes and send advertising or communication of any type for sales or other commercial purposes without having requested or receiving permission to do so.

All information contained in THIS WEBSITE, such as texts, photographs, graphics, images, icons, technology, software, as well as its own graphic design and source code, are owned by THE OWNER OF THE WEBSITE. Therefore, the user, under no circumstances may use the content or exploit it as their own beyond what is considered appropriate.

To be specific, those who access THIS WEBSITE may view the content and if needs be, make a copy for personal use only, as long as said material is not transferred to a third party or installed in servers connected to the Internet or subject to any kind of misuse.

Furthermore, all trademarks, trade names and any form of symbol that appear on THIS WEBSITE belong to THE OWNER OF THE WEBSITE. The usage or access to these via the website does not result in the user having any right to said items.

In accordance with the Law on Intellectual Property Rights, distribution, amendments, transfer or public communication of the contents or any other action without permission from the owner is strictly prohibited.

All images, logos and trademarks on the website are the property of their respective owners and are or will be subject to copyright and licensing laws. All other publications, graphics and contents belong to TECNI-PLASPER LTD.

The insertion of a hyperlink shall in no event imply the existence of any relationship between THE OWNER OF THE WEBSITE and the owner of the website where the hyperlink is inserted. Nor does it imply the acceptance or approval by THE OWNER OF THE WEBSITE of its contents or services.

Those who wish to establish a hyperlink must get approval in writing from THE OWNER OF THE WEBSITE prior to making such link. In any case, the hyperlink will only allow access to the home page or start page of the website. Therefore, users should refrain from making false, inaccurate or incorrect statements or indications about THE OWNER OF THE WEBSITE or from including illegal or immoral content contrary to law enforcement.

Under no circumstances is THE OWNER OF THE WEBSITE responsible for the use of the material available on the website or any consequent actions.

4.- Liability

All the material provided in the website is for general and informative purposes only. THE OWNER OF THE WEBSITE does not guarantee access to all content or that the information is authentic, accurate or non-misleading. To the fullest extent permitted by applicable laws, in no event shall THE OWNER OF THE WEBSITE be liable for any damages of any kind caused by-

a) Inability to access the website or the lack of authenticity, accuracy, completeness and/or whether the information is up to date. Similarly if there are any faults or defects of any kind found in the content transmitted, distributed, stored or made available to those who have accessed the website or any of the services that is offers.

b) The presence of viruses or other harmful components causing defects or changes to the computer systems, electronic documents or user data.

c) Failure to comply with law enforcement, current legislation and the terms and conditions of this legal notice through incorrect use of the website. In particular, THE OWNER OF THE WEBSITE will not be held responsible for such acts of third parties, which infringe intellectual and industrial party rights, business secrets, the right to honour and personal and family privacy and self image as stated in copyright and unfair competition law.

Furthermore, THE OWNER OF THE WEBISTE accepts no liability for any information found outside this website and that is not directly managed by our Webmaster. The purpose of the links which appear on the website are solely to inform the user of other information sources that exist and can provide additional information. THE OWNER OF THE WEBSITE does not guarantee or is not responsible for the operation or accessibility of these other sites. Under no circumstances does THE OWNER OF THE WEBSITE endorse, affiliate or promote visiting these sites and is therefore not responsible for any information obtained. THE OWNER OF THE WEBSITE is not liable for any hyperlinks established by third parties.

5.- Privacy

All information provided by a user is done so under no obligation. THE OWNER OF THE WEBSITE is responsible for the information collected, via forms on the website or through other means, to be incorporated onto a personal data file and duly registered at the General Register for Data Protection at the Spanish Data Protection Agency. This entity will treat the data confidentially and exclusively for the purpose of offering the requested services. All legal guarantees are applied in accordance with the Constitutional Law 15/1999 dated 13th December, on Personal Data Protection, the Royal Decree 1720/2007 dated 21st December and Law 34/2002 dated 11th July regarding Information Society Services and E-Commerce.

THE OWNER OF THE WEBSITE promises not to disclose, sell or share data with third parties without approval.

Furthermore, TECNI-PLASPER will cancel or rectify data when deemed inaccurate, incomplete or when the information is no longer needed or relevant for its purpose, in compliance with Constitutional Law 15/1999 dated 13th December, regarding Protection of Personal Data.

The user may withdraw consent and can exercise their right to accessibility, modification, cancellation and opposition by making contact in writing to TECNI-PLASPER, S.L, POLIGONO INDUSTRIAL FONT DE LA PARERA, C/ BONAVENTURA ARIBAU, S/N 08430 LA ROCA DE VALLES (STA. AGNES DE MALANYANES) BARCELONA. The user should properly identify and clearly state the right being exercised.

THE OWNER OF THE WEBSITE adopts the according and relevant security levels as declared in the Constitutional Law 15/1999 and all other applicable legislation. THE OWNER OF THE WEBSITE assumes no liability for damages caused by changes made by third parties of which could have a harmful affect on computer systems, electronic documents or user files.

THE OWNER OF THE WEBSITE may use cookies while providing access to the services on the website. Cookies are personal data files stored on the users own device. The user is responsible for configuring their navigating browser in such a manner as to prevent the creation of cookie files or to receive a warning when it happens.

Should the user opt to leave our site through links to websites that do not belong to us, THE OWNER OF THE WEBISTE assumes no responsibility for the privacy policies of said websites or for the cookies that may remain on the users computer.

Our policy, with regards to emails, is to maintain communication only when requested or when it could be of interest.

If you prefer not to receive messages via email, we offer you the right to cancel and refuse any further contact in accordance with the stipulations of Article 22 of Law 34/2002 regarding Information Society Services and E Commerce.

6.- Breaches of terms and conditions

In the case that a user or third party believes there to be reasoning for criminal or incorrect use of the material or of any inappropriate activity on the webpage or on those accessible via the website, they should make contact with THE OWNER OF THE WEBSITE. The user or third party should, to the best of their knowledge, properly identify and specify the nature of the alleged violation and assume responsibility that the information is correct.

TCHNI-PLASPER reserves the right to take action when deemed necessary to deal with the breach of conditions regarding the use of its websites and material.

Any lawsuit or claim concerning the website of THE OWNER OF THE WEBSITE will be subject to Spanish law and under jurisdiction of the Barcelona Courts and Tribunals (Spain).

7.- Publications

The administrative information provided via the website is not a substitute for the legally required publicity, regulations, plans, general provisions and acts that require formal publication with the public authorities. These authorities represent the only binding instrument that can certify the authenticity and content thereof.

The purpose of the content of this website is for general information only and is not to be considered legally binding.

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